Calling all gardeners

Years ago, I discovered a flower farmer and fellow designer from the Pacific Northwest. Located on a small farm (just two acres!) she and her family created some serious flower magic. Since then, her little flower haven has grown into a small empire and an inspiration to the floral design world.

Erin from Floret Flowers has trained a new generation of flower farmers across the country and has subsequently inspired an entire local and sustainable flower movement. Watching her chase dreams, share a passion and heart for unbelievable flowers and accomplish incredible things in the last 6 years has encouraged me to do the same.

In my dreams I would have an acre or two of my own to grow flowers for use in events in and around Santa Clarita, CA. Currently, I have almost a half acre shaded by a California oak forest. We're unfortunately under strict water rationing, so until circumstances improve, I am looking to build a community of people with a small patch of ground who love to have their hands in the dirt and like to share.

I've noticed some spectacular gardens and beautiful flowers here in Santa Clarita, CA in my wandering around town, and the gardening community, conveniently located at Central Park appears to be vibrant and full of generous individuals. From offering advice, sharing plants and generously offering the bounty of their gardens, they have blown me away.

I'm looking for a handful of individuals who want to try something new with me, who are interested in building community, growing some gorgeous flowers and sharing them with our community. I don't have all the details figured out yet but I want to talk with you about it!

If you're an avid gardener, or you know of one that is local and are willing to share some ground and want to try something new, let's talk. I can't wait to hear from you!

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