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Los Angeles Wedding Florist, delightful! by Rochelle Lee Wall
I'm emotionally invested in this relationship.
Here's what a delightful! experience looks like...


You've found your perfect mate and have set the date... what's next? ​


My clients love my delightful!, unique and unusual, modern romantic floral designs. They're unlike anything anyone has ever seen, and express the style and personal story of the couple. Using my experience to translate ideas into unique floral designs that are more than you could envision, I help you truly represent your aesthetic.


I will begin the process by collecting some preliminary information, such as the date of your wedding, time and location of ceremony and reception, approximate number of guests, bridal party, and family members participating and (of course!) your dream wedding wish-list.


We'll set up a meeting to say hello!, face-to-face (this is your complimentary consultation). You'll bring along anyone who is involved in helping make major decisions about the wedding and we'll get to know each other while cover details such as the style of your bridal gown and dresses for the bridesmaids (which tell me a lot about your personal style). If you have been researching styles, colors, trends, and compiling inspiration images we will use these as a catalyst for determining your specific style and color preferences.

While you may feel scattered (it's ok!), I will often see a repetition of flower form, color and style notes through your inspiration images... these clues tell me all about your unique aesthetic.


We will discuss what price-point you would like to stay at or below, so please come to your consultation prepared with an amount in mind. Weddings (and marriage) are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and most couples just starting wedding planning have no idea how much floral arrangements cost; I'm here to help! If you want to know more about a specific arrangement, please don't hesitate to ask. 


After our consultation, I will send a custom proposal to you which will best accommodate both your wish list and/or price-point, whether opulent, or conservative, along with my contract. Finally, I ask that you move forward with a contract and non-refundable deposit within 5 days. I cannot hold your date without a deposit.

tell me about how I can make your wedding delightful!

Los Angeles Wedding Florist

Now that you have delightful! on board, we will set an appointment for our first design meeting. I will listen as you share specific photos that inspire you, and I'll respond by providing you with options on blooms, vases and decor. In the following weeks, together we will create a custom inspiration board, providing you with a visual of elements, color palette, and styling ideas for your uniquely delightful! event.


Soon, we'll grab a cup of coffee and take an early morning trip to the LA Flower District. (Have you ever been? It's my happy place!) I will point out materials I'm envisioning for the over-arching style of your day, and that will be seasonally appropriate, and you'll give your stamp of approval. As the sun rises, you'll begin to see your wedding vision start to come to life.


You can expect me to interpret your style and pull together the best parts of your ideas to create a cohesive look. I will respond promptly to your questions, and will always be available to chat when you need clarification. In short, I treat each wedding as if it were my own. Further revisions might be necessary as your big day approaches; your plans are a work in progress and will be subject to refinement as your guest list, floor plan and event flow develops. You will receive a final pre-wedding questionnaire around one month prior to your event that will provide me with all the important and updated info.

I am dedicated to making each wedding delightfully unique, and to creating an event and environment that both reflects the personality of you as couple, as well as myself as a designer, surpassing all expectations!

You're a trooper! Thanks so much for sticking through that with me. I can't wait to hear more about your wedding, and how I can help you make it truly delightful! Photo credits: Brooke Ritter Photography and Ashley Burns Photography.

delightfully yours,